Put all of your PDFs in one view and share simply by sending a link

Finally there is an online PDF tool that can handle biggest PDF drawings. You can combine drawings of any size to create a single overall view of your entire project. Architects and engineers can now share an overall drawing by simply copying and sending a link to their colleagues on MS Teams, WhatsApp and email.

Your team members and customers will be able to open PDF drawings of ANY SIZE quickly and view all revisions in one place, on any desktop and mobile device.


Time Matters 

View and share PDF files of any size without compromising on speed and quality 


Why SharePad ?

Easy Markups (coming soon)

  • Real time multi-user mark up

  • Large symbol library  

  • Mark up on any device anywhere 

Live Session (coming soon)

  • A must-have tool for remote teams 

  • Trace your team members' live markups 

  • Review the same drawings at the same time with your team 

Lightning Speed 

No need to worry about reduced quality or speed when working with large PDF files 


Cloud Platform

  • Access all of your files anywhere, anytime and on any device 

  • No need to download any application

  • Edit your files without losing your data 

Collaborative Environment 

  • Easily share your markups with your team members

  • Track the history of drawings and markups independently (coming soon)

  • Switch markups on/off (coming soon)


  • Create an overall plan by putting smaller drawings together 

  • Work on one master drawing instead of multiple files

  • Share a workbench by simply sending a link 

Ideal Tool for Viewing Construction Drawings Anywhere

If you work for a construction company, contact us.


SharePad Integrates With Others (coming soon)

Seamless integration with various platforms


SharePad Exporter 

Direct export from Revit, AutoCAD and other engineering platforms  


Aconex Integration 

Open files directly from Aconex in SharePad 


Microsoft Teams App

Use SharePad within Microsoft Teams



Is there a file size limit on drawings? 

Not practically. SharePad can handle any file size without dropping quality or speed. 

How can I share my drawings? 

You can share a project, drawing or snapshot of a drawing by click of a share button.

Can I review old markups against my updated drawing?

Yes, very soon. You can switch on or off markups from anyone on any date on any drawing. 

Can I mark up on the workbench drawing?

Yes, very soon. You can freeze your layout and mark up on the overall drawing.

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